Design centers

RV demo video

Watch the video demonstration of an RV walk through. Customers can select lighting, furnishings, and more through your customized design center.

3D interactive design centers

See your models, design, and vision in this lifelike 3D interactive environment. Let us create your experience and share your vision. Allow your customers to interact naturally with your virtual products to customize and purchase online.

  • 3D interactive environment
  • Automated development
  • Mobile and tablet platforms
  • Dealer and sales platforms available
  • Back office connections include bill of materials, order tracking, and more.
Shed example

Try out this simple demonstration to customize a wooden storage shed. Click the balloon to select a shed style, and the windows or doors to change options.

Design center options

The design center system has several tiers available based on your needs.

  • Customer design, save, purchase or quote
  • Sales website for pricing and selected options
  • Dealer website
  • Back office website to follow order process